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People helping people.

We connect people who can volunteer time, advice, or stuff to those who need it.

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How you can support others

Help small businesses

Offer your knowledge to smaller businesses who need the support to set up remote working.

Help your community

Spread your kindness and offer help to those that cannot leave their homes.

Help teachers

Help teachers create a distance learning plan for their kura or school.

Help seniors

Reach out to our most at-risk citizens and help look out for those over 70.

How people can support you

Suddenly working remotely?

Find someone to tell you all about remote working apps, and tips for working from home efficiently.

School closed?

Talk to educators who can guide you to platforms and resources to help you keep teaching or learning online.

Self isolating and struggling?

Meet someone who can help you run errands, check in on you, or just someone to talk to.

Over seventy?

Or worried about an over seventy? Find someone to check in to make isolation a little less lonely.